Texas Consumer Association works to keep consumers informed about major legislative issues affecting household budgets. An educated and informed consumer can make better decisions in the areas of electricity, telecommunications, insurance and product choices.



TCA advocates for solutions to Texas' energy needs, focusing on practical steps that reduce energy consumption, promoting competition among providers, lowering consumer costs and broadening protections.



TCA supports a healthy, competitive environment in telecommunications services while protecting the individual and small business owner interests.



Insurance coverage is one of the largest household expenses. TCA advocates for fair rates, for fair coverage and the rights of consumers under their insurance policies.

Consumer Products

Safety, reliability, quality and price are among the most important features to consumers when making a consumer purchase. TCA has been at the forefront of legislative battles regarding consumer protection and rights of consumers when a product has been deemed unsafe.


Texas Consumer Association Evaluates Causes of Product Safety Confusion

New Report Highlights Interest Group Campaigns Wrongly Targeting Widely-Used Chemicals, Leading to Unproven Substitutes in Consumer Products

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