Texas Consumer Association
Texas Consumer Association was founded to represent individuals and small businesses on pocketbook issues. For over 40 years, TCA has provided information and testimony on legislation that influences the family budget, participated on behalf of consumers on regulatory issues and offered information to the public regarding current issues that affect personal finances or quality of life. From utility regulation to real estate to taxes, TCA has been a valuable presence for Texans.


Sandra Haverlah
Sandra Haverlah has been working on consumer pocketbook issues with the Texas Consumer Association (TCA) since 1988 and has served as President of TCA for the last decade. She currently serves on the boards of several non-profit organizations representing individuals on environmental, consumer rights, civil justice and utility issues. Her career has included representing consumers on Board of the Texas Automobile Insurance Plan and as a funded consumer representative at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.


Texas Consumer Association Evaluates Causes of Product Safety Confusion

New Report Highlights Interest Group Campaigns Wrongly Targeting Widely-Used Chemicals, Leading to Unproven Substitutes in Consumer Products

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